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4x4 Mania

1. We process the following (categories of) personal data
When you play our games, connect to a social networking site through our games, or place an order, we process the following personal data:

  • Your IP address, and the country.
  • Your device type (for example, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8) and operating system version.
  • Your Game Center ID (for iOS games) or Google Play ID (for Android games).
  • The purchases you have made in the app.
  • When you connect to Game Center, or other social platforms, we access your profile, including your username, email address and friends list.
  • For advertising, We may use collected IDFAs to (re)target users on advertising platforms and to provide personalized push notifications.
  • The data you generate within the game, such as the items you buy, your currency balances, player nicknames, vehicle nicknames, chat messages, and other in-game actions.

2. What (purposes) do we use the data for
We use this personal data to perform analytics for our games and allow third-parties to sell, buy and deliver advertising in those games that display advertising. Also we use the data to tailor push notifications to you. The in-game data is collected and processed to ensure player compliance to our anti-bullying policy and to restrict game functionality to abusive players.

3. What is our legal basis for the processing
For both analytics and advertising we base the processing of personal data on the legitimate interest of Dually Games Ltd. For analytics, this is our ability to analyze how players progress through our games to make them better, and to know our player-base on an aggregate level. For advertising, this is our ability to be able to off-set development costs and risk with advertising income. For in-game data collection, this is our ability to ensure the minimization of online abuse and bullying, and create a more comfortable environment for our users to play in.
For the third-parties we use, their legitimate interest is to be able to offer us their services, and for advertising third-parties and advertisers to be able to show you advertising.

4. Where do we obtain the data from (sources)
We obtain the data from our third-party services providers:

5. How long and where do we store data
We do not store your personal data on servers owned by us. Third parties, such as PlayFab, may store your data in accordance with their privacy policies, linked above. You may request a copy of your data or to request its deletion by using the Contact Support button in one of our games.

6. What safeguards have we taken to protect data
Since we do not store your data on servers owned by us, or process it ourselves, the protection burden lies with the third parties in accordance with their privacy policies, linked above.

7. Who we share data with
We share data with the following third-parties. These are either controllers, or processors acting on our behalf. We have linked to their respective policies and given a basic description of what they do:

Apple and Google may also collect data when you use their app stores to install our games.

8. Consent withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw your consent to provide personal data. To do so, head to the information menu in any of our games and tap Data Consent.

9. User data deletion
You have the right to have your data deleted. To do so, use the in-game 'Contact Support' button and put 'I would like to have my data deleted' in the email.

10. User-Generated Content
By submitting any public user-generated content to Dually Games for use in "4x4 Mania", users agree to surrender non-exclusive rights to such content. This includes royalty-free, sublicensable, transferable, perpetual, worldwide rights. Please note that Dually Games does not have the capacity to monitor user-generated content for copyright infringement and it is not reviewed before being made available to other players. If you believe your rights have been infringed upon, please contact us at to submit a DMCA notice. Any license granted by the user to Dually Games for the use of their generated content is also granted to all other players. We kindly ask that users refrain from submitting low-quality, derivative, copyright infringing, illegal, vulgar, obscene, pornographic, impersonating, commercial, deceptive or otherwise inappropriate content. Dually Games reserves the right to remove any content that does not meet these guidelines.

11. How to contact us
You can contact us with any questions you may have about the processing of your personal data or the use of cookies and similar technologies by us, or to exercise the above rights:

12. Version information
We last updated this notice on Mar 1st, 2023

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